Perversive sensuality

  • Leaving the bliss of the self aside
    You take to engrossing
    In the sensual pursuits as source of pleasure
    Fool ! you have wasted the life ;
    never cared for spiritual weal. (1)

  • Water shakes in the pitcher,
    Does not reflect the face of the looker ;
    Sensual pursuits disturb the vision
    Of the self on the screen of mind (2)

  • The shade of a cloud passes in a moment
    Pleasure of the senses, transient by nature,
    Takes no time to perish after enjoyment,
    O my friend, just ponder for a moment (3)

  • Transitory is the pleasure,
    The senses offer.
    Intoxication of caras, flowers of hemp,
    Leaves the addict lifeless, defected. (4)

  • The elephant tastes only once,
    And is held hostage for the whole life ;
    When robbers are five, who can rescue ;
    They plunder day and night. (5)

  • Give up pursuit of sensual pleasures,
    By body, mind and speech, Drink the nectar of the atman,
    Ponder over Brahman day and night || (6)

  • Engrossed in pleasures of the senses and physique,
    Does not give up the habit to neglect.
    Amrit asks how would the agony
    Of birth and death end, and the cycle, break. (7)

  • Roamed the places day and night
    To find the sources of the pleasures of senses.
    Spent up the span of life, never satisfied,
    And Amrit says never enjoyed the peace of mind. (8)

  • A tree on the bank of a river
    may fall and perish in no time,
    So the pleasures sensual by nature,
    perish in a moment, abandon them
    and become indifferent to opposite feelings
    Of pleasure and pain (9)

  • The sense are the seats of fault,
    Their tastes various, the man enjoys
    One after another ; the orgy ends up
    Never in life : Amrit, the sage, cautions the negligent.(10)

  • The word, the touch, the taste, the form
    The fragrance, the five are the elements
    At times they come up, turn by turn,
    Or together to fascinate the living
    On the plane mundane and
    keep him enslaved - the role of
    maya, the illusory power (11)

  • To possess the object of sensual pleasure,
    One suffers the anguish beyond limit ;
    Does not get peace for a moment ;
    The force of the flow of the mid is great,
    Amrit warns to hold anyhow (12)

  • Lust for sex gets strong and strong ;
    One doe not count the sin, the outcome
    The fall out ; mad after it, one indulges
    In the orgy, ignoring the fear of death even.
    Amrit, the sage, is sad at the state (13)

  • When anger rises
    One forgets the deed, misdeed
    And loses direction,
    Amrit wishes the truth may prevail (14)

  • when the wave of greed rises in mind,
    One loses sight of path
    To fall in abyss ;
    Ignores the nectar and consumes venom (15)

  • When the snare of affection spreads
    One takes wealth, men, knowledge
    And land as own and feels elevated,
    Dies asserting never to get the stable ground ;
    And the nectar of peace.
    Amrit, the sage, feels sad. (16)

  • Fallen in trap of envious ways
    Gives up the thought of good and evil,
    Roams the eighty four cycles of birth
    From body to body, never loving the SELF
    His own. (17)

  • The sensual pleasures are the root of sorrow,
    Declare so the sages knowledgeable.
    Give them up and associate yourself with the saints of faith
    Amrit, the saint, counsels the ignorant. (18)

  • You nourish the senses, feed them with pleasures
    And long for peace ?
    You put the fire off with fat -
    Amrit deplores the gross absurdity (19)

  • One who Gives up pursuit of sensual perversity
    Seeks refuge at the feet of GURU,
    Lives in company of the sages divine,
    He will be bestowed with the state immortality (20)

  • Abandon the joys, the senses provide,
    Do no look for the streaks of hope ;
    The knot of actions done in the past
    Would loosen to sprout the spiritual bliss ;
    So is the promise of the saint Amrit.(21)

  • All the pleasures the world offers
    are transient and root of sorrow -
    Woman and wealth - the strong and thorny
    Are the source of anguish to all and ever (22)

  • Days pass in the search for food,
    Nights pass in the sleep with family,
    Amrit says the opportunity goes
    and the breaths allotted thus exhaust (23)

  • They do not languish
    Who do not long for honour,
    For praise ; are free of greed and free of ego ;
    The taste of tongue does not infatuate,
    and lust for women does not entice them (24)

  • With the instructions of guru
    Give up the lust for sensual pleasure
    Dedicate yourself to the AJAPA - JAPA
    Repeat the syllables soham-soham, Amrit says (25)

  • Restrained eating, speech restrained,
    Remembering truth and lord,
    Truthful dealings, observing celibacy
    Whosoever does these, Amrit says, attains liberation (26)

  • You do not give up the lust for sex,
    Labour the whole day for a few coins,
    Hair on the head has turned grey,
    Amrit asks, how would you attain your aims (27)

  • Amrit says, ” I cry hoarse again and again,
    Time is passing and you are wasting life -
    In pursuits of transient pleasures, I caution
    I warn, life is useless if not devoted to adoration of Lord. (28)

  • Offer yourself, at the feet of GURU
    Sankara says, you will get then
    The solid ground under the ocean,
    That the worldly life is (29)