Pre-eminence of devotion

  • Attribute of devotion is unique ;
    whichever heart it overtakes,
    It outstands all others in shine. (1)

  • The devotee should offer himself entirely,
    his body mind and wealth ;
    Should not look for a return.
    He should stare at the image of his beloved
    In the core of his heart.(2)

  • Whosoever adores the feet of his guru,
    Lives a happy life and attains a godly state at death (3)

  • Devotion removes all fear ;
    Grants true and final knowledge ;
    All observances - Japa, tapa, puja and dhyana
    Are futile without devotion(4)

  • God incarnates himself again and again,
    For the sake of his devotees.
    Cuts all threads of snare instantly;
    This is his promise. (5)

  • The knowledgeable saints and sages,
    Know the essence of nectar, that devotion is ;
    They drink its draught after draught ;
    Earn the name and attain salvation (6)

  • Bhakti is the herb of immortality undoubtedly,
    It eradicates the disease and takes to the stage of salvation (7)

  • So dark is the colour of devotion
    that all other colours loose shine
    Intoxicated of devotion, remains submerged
    In the love of god (8)

  • Under the intoxication of devotion
    One loses awareness of the body and mind ;
    Care for comfort and discomfort ceases to cause
    Anxiety in his mind. Thus says Shan+kara(9)

  • The creeper of devotion spreads,
    Bears the fruit of virtue ;
    Mercy, forgiveness and contentment
    Get enlivened to bring fulfilment (10)

  • The fragrance of the Bhakti flower
    Pleases the devotee, who enjoys it as a bee ;
    It sweetens the inner and the outer
    And vouchsafes the state unchanging (11)

  • The field of bhakti is inestimable ;
    When the crop ripens, gives four fruits -
    piety, the prosperity, the worldly success, and salvation
    In nourishes the human being - the body, mind and soul.(12)

  • Whosoever engrosses his mind
    In adoration - be he a trader, a servant,
    or a woman - dedicates his narrow self,
    achieves riddance of ego and greed. (13)

  • Bhakti is the unique castle
    impregnable to all perils and foes ;
    The soul is safe and happy
    In this castle of bhakti (14)

  • O the mind of Å anakra !
    listen carefully,
    Become a bhakta and remove the obstacles
    I assure you
    You will enjoy intense happiness and
    You will have resolute dedication ;
    Being a man, you will feel fulfilled ;
    Your soul will be purified of all the impurities (15)