Sundry advices

  • Trust only in Rama and in none else.
    Amrit says to seek refuge only at the feet
    Of guru dev and adore them
    Day and night (1)

  • Enormous fault lie at heart ;
    Runs to the places holy for relief.
    Amrit cautions that visit to the places
    Cannot mitigate the illusion and dualism (2)

  • Look for the holy places in the body itself
    Through the medium of yogic austerity ;
    The saints have a dip in holy waters
    Only at the juncture of TRIKUTI for absolution
    Says so Amrit Natha, the revered sage (3)

  • One meets parents only at the body ;
    Gets nourishment through eat and drink,
    Also at the body ; One meets the true guru
    At the body. Amrit feels enamoured at this, the
    possibilities in the human body (4)

  • Serve the teacher through the body
    Heart and speech with all your might.
    He will lead you out of the perils
    Of the ocean that the worldly life presents (5)

  • Whosoever adores his teacher with whole soul,
    Certainly will be blessed with the boon, redemption
    Of life ; Amrit says it with certainty
    With no iola of doubt in the truth (6)

  • Fie on intellect and power of judgement
    Which do not bow at the feet of guru ;
    Shame is that insolence which shows itself
    Up in presence of Guru ; deprived will he be
    Of the benefit of the life, That Lord bestowed (7)

  • All sorts of tricks you play to keep
    Your family of ingrates.
    You waste your life, the precious human,
    For a trifling interest ; wake up now
    O, ignorant (8)

  • O ignorant ! you did many things,
    Practised yoga, performed sacrifices,
    Repeated the seedword, Observed austerity,
    But did not shed away the insolence foolish.
    How will you be entitled for spiritual weal? (9)

  • Hypocrite ! meditate like a heron,
    Do not shed away insolence foolish,
    Indulge in disputes, wordy and vain?
    Amrit asks how the anguish of birth and death will end? (10)

  • Meditate on the breath,
    Concentrate your sight on the tip of the nose.
    Amrit assures, you will be blessed
    With the total vision of the truth
    In you heart. (11)

  • The arrows of the words
    From the mouth of GURU
    Pierce your heart ;
    You will meet your self in self. (12)

  • There is the Lord to care for all,
    Why do you worry yourself for your ones,
    You think for the vision
    Of the self in the self. (13)

  • Foolish is conceit of performing
    When there is one, other than you,
    Who does all jobs for you and all.
    Give up the insolence ; the knowledge is supreme. (14)

  • There are two streams of thought about Lord,
    He is without attribute and he is with attributes ;
    Amrit says the truth supreme
    Is without its parallel - the silence rewards. (15)

  • There are many who speak about him ;
    The rare among lakhs is one with vision,
    Rarer is the visionary who can
    lead the worthy to the vision.
    Amrit sees the rarest and unique (16)

  • The creation, the sustenance and destruction
    Are all the plays of causal attributes -
    the sat, the rajas and the tamas.
    The devotee of the feet of GURU is
    above and different than all these spheres (17)

  • One should wake in meditation on self,
    One should affront the world of selfishness -
    it would be ones sleep
    One should repeat the seed - word ’soham’
    And one should search for self in the self (18)

  • Lust, rage, the insolence foolish,
    And infatuation are the sphere of mind.
    Amrit says mercy and piety
    Are also the creation of the mind (19)

  • The devotee of the guru
    Obeys his wishes
    Knows his mind,
    follows without waiting for his word ;
    Does not decide on contemplation
    About gain or loss
    Such a devotee
    Overcomes the imbroglios,
    Enjoys life - family and social (20)

  • Whatever craving the man cherishes
    At the hour of dying He gets the state
    In next incarnation ; Amrit, the revered sage,
    Says with certainty. (21)

  • The mind plays in a unique way ;
    Changes its mood and fancy
    Moment by moment.
    It is the auspicious Deity, Lord Mahadeva,
    The phenomena, His manifestation (22)

  • Without the teachings, from a true teacher
    The wordy disputes, will never pacify
    The sage Amrit advices, To search and find
    A true teacher, If you want
    To quell the anguish.(23)

  • Devotion has three variances ; So has renunciation.
    One receives the happiness or sorrow
    As an outcome of these.
    Amrit, the sage, gives out
    That destiny too, has three variations (24)

  • Sat, raja and tamas, the three causal attributes,
    provide the basis for distinction, in three variations
    Of knowledge, penance,
    Renouncement and austerity.
    Faith, yoga and erudition too
    Are of three types accordingly. (25)

  • Such a saint is rare, among lakhs
    As does not rejoice in gain, nor repents the loss,
    Amrit bestows praises
    Upon a saint of such a caliber (26)

  • These are the signs of the devotee
    Who merges his faculties into the Lord ;
    unusual speech The body expressing the sentiment and emotion,
    And the sight concentrated on the tip of the nose (27)

  • The supreme cosmic consciousness,
    is without name and form and attributes ;
    Is beyond the mind and speech
    And causality.
    Amrit, the sage, is unified with the truth,
    Supreme and final, feels fulfilled (28)

  • Fool, beware of the fact
    The span of life is about to complete,
    Come to the feet of a true guru
    To learn to adore and worship the Lord (29)

  • One who knows cannot describe
    One who describes does not know ;
    The mute eats the sweet
    Feels helpless to describe its taste (30)

  • Amrit, the sage revered, feels
    He has no friend and no enemy ;
    There is nothing which can be styled as high,
    Or that which can be styled as low.
    All that is exterior is mine
    And all that lies within is also mine ;
    Anyway, I am in myself. (31)

  • That, what is destined, is bound to happen ;
    Cannot be averted, By any precaution
    Amrit is carefree
    To find the self in the self (32)

  • Concentrate on the dust of the feet of the GURU
    To live a full life Cruel !
    Give up the crooked ways
    To meet your beloved
    and enjoy the union to the full satisfaction (33)

  • Give up the duel of empty words,
    Avoid disputes which lead no where -
    Why indulge in exchange of words
    Which sound trash to the ear and mind
    Away instantly from that which is worthless. (34)

  • The insolent cannot get the reward of love.
    The taste of the nectar, is not his share.
    It is a blunder, to keep two swords
    In one sheath (35)

  • Concentrates on the tip of the nose,
    meets his true self in meditation ;
    comes across various plays ;
    receives the knowledge
    of unique character (36)

  • The essential secret of the four Vedas
    The causal Truth of creation
    Sustenance and extinction
    The potent seed, the word, that quells
    The anguish of life, are all enshrined
    In the sound primordial - OM. (37)

  • Sacrifice all that you possess -
    The body, the mind, the wealth, the intellect
    and the mansion
    At the feet of GURU ;
    What a power, transforms the individual soul
    into BRAHMA, the cosmic supreme
    and grants the status immortal
    to the tiny
    fly of significance nil (38)

  • Firm observance
    Of sama and dama
    Purifies the consciousness
    Sankara says, the root of yoga,
    Its successful practice
    Is the faultless character (39)

  • The deeds virtuous, austerity spiritual,
    Guidance from a true teacher,
    Speech truthful, chanting of the seedword,
    The name of the Lord, says Sankara,
    purify the aspiration (40)

  • Take that education as true education.
    Destroys the lust, liberates the mind
    Of possessiveness and cures the obsession
    of worldly living. (41)

  • A Mendicant can enjoy the spiritual weal :
    He avoids the pleasure of taste
    The sour, the sweet and the salt
    The love of a woman, Sanakra says (42)

  • True to his status, Å¡an+kara holds,
    A raja should love his people with heart,
    Work for mitigation of their suffering,
    Extend the benefits to all and sundry. (43)

  • Life - physical and moral -
    Will become free of vice and sin,
    If one cares for propriety,
    Moves in the company of saints,
    Remains engrossed in pursuit of self (44)

  • It is the mind on account of which,
    The world with distinctions, various and many,
    Appears to the viewer, as mirrored reflection ;
    On its restraint the anguish of life disappears (45)

  • Mind is mightier than the senses,
    Intellect is greater than the mind,
    The self is above and beyond intellect,
    The lord, the lover of the destitutes,
    Is supreme, the master of all. (46)

  • Roamed all around in search for you, My Lord !
    But did not sight you anywhere.
    Bewildered I ran into the self
    And found you there (47)

  • Abandonment of the worldly taste
    Leads to the taste of all variations ;
    ’Sankara’ says, intoxication spiritual
    mitigates the sorrows of life mundane (48)

  • O my Lord ! The destroyer of the fear of worldly life,
    Lord of beings, O compassionate !
    Remove the anguish of the people
    You are merciful O supreme (49)

  • Giving up all, that they possess,
    Come to me and seek refuge
    as destitute, completely impoverished,
    I take them into my shelter
    And rescue them out of abyss, of misery,
    Promise of Lord,
    ’Sankara’ says, the word of the wise. (50)

  • When virtue faces extinction in life,
    The lord of the world incarnates as a human being,
    Out of love and mercy to rescue
    The saints, the Godly devout (51)

  • The chief technique of practising austerity
    Is engrossing in meditation, on the breath
    ’Sankara’ the poet says, the practice
    Takes to the vision of the self, In the self (52)

  • Listening to advices of a true teacher,
    Dedicating the mind to giving up the craze
    For world possessions,
    Strengthen detachment from pleasures (53)

  • The sage revered Sri Amrit Nath says,
    The final and supreme, Bliss of atman
    Is to be found only in the self ;
    Having attained that,
    One has nothing to aspire for. (54)

  • Abstain from viewing through the gross eye,
    scan the reality through the spiritual eye,
    The eye of atman,
    Amrit, the revered sage says,
    One will find the nectar
    In the heart ; the search will not take much time. (55)

  • The world exists only so long
    As you view it
    With the eye with lust in mind ;
    It ceases to be
    When you view it with renouncement
    in your mind.
    Amrit, the sage, says that both,
    Renouncement and craving merge
    Into nil in the state of BRAHMA. (56)

  • The Supreme one
    Is perfect, without cause, without beginning ;
    The world is manifestation of the same - THE ONE
    It has no beginning, nor its end ;
    Amrit nath, the revered sage,
    Reveals its truth, true character
    or no character. (57)

  • Amrit says, one achieves stability
    In the awareness of the self,
    The colour of the soul reaches innermost ;
    Intoxicated of love, spiritual devotion,
    Transforms him entirely, within and without ;
    He loses the cousciousness of body and mind ;
    The intense devotion makes him different
    Than what he was (58)

  • Lord listens to the passionate cry
    For mercy and help.
    Instantly he appears
    In some form and somehow,
    To quell the anguish of the devotee.
    Amrit say that promise of the Lord
    Is always true :He crushes the deadly sorrows(59)

  • The creater is one,And the creation is immense.
    He is permeating it as a witness
    The Lord is merciful
    And helps his creation
    Out of turmoil - inner and outer.
    Amrit bears the testimony. (60)

  • He is the one,But has become many ;
    He appears in various manifestations
    Appears distinctly to different persons.
    The illusory power withdraws its charm,
    The spell of darkness of ignorance,
    All distinctive features of the phenomena
    Merge into oneness for the onlooker. (61)

  • The final redemption is imminent
    When one sees many as one ; the distinctive
    Features lose their identity.
    sin, virtue, sorrow, happiness friend, Foe,
    Appear and look as equal and one ;
    Discrimination loses validity
    Amrit, the sage, says that the
    extinction of duality is the state of NIRVANA. (62)

  • The Yogis achieve the state of anchoring
    In the atman, conscious and blissful ;
    They remain stable
    In all circumstances and waver not ;
    Resolute and firm, they enjoy happiness ;
    The sickly obsession
    Worldly pleasures ends for ever. (63)

  • The mind escapes in search for pleasures ;
    Pull it back with full force,Deprive it of the nourishment
    it craves, crazy for enjoyment ;Lean and powerless, the mind, the mean,
    will lose its strength ;In course of time stabilise it will
    with the help of yoga.(64)

  • All courses and programmes
    For the achievement of spiritual weal
    Emanate from the service at the feet
    Of the true teacher ; Without it they work not.
    Practice of yoga, performing a sacrifice,
    austere penances and seeking the
    knowledge, journey to holy places,
    Observances of fasts and other rites,
    The nine variants of devotions,
    piety, virtue, meditation,
    And the canons of religion, compassion to beings
    All depend on service to the GURU (65)

  • The arrow of the word from the mouth of the GURU
    pierce and immobilize all the five.
    The mind, the powerful, like an elephant
    tries to withstand the impact of the word (66)

  • Go to the teacher,
    prostrate at his feet,
    Beseech his favour as a destitute ;
    Amrit promises,
    The favour from the teacher
    Will ennoble the heart and purify it
    Of the sinful trends
    and you will be bestowed with
    the state of fearlessness (67)

  • Guru is an embodiment
    Of the powers of Brahma,
    The three deities - Brahma, Visnu and Siva,
    Of the knowledge divine, enshrined in vedas ;
    Amrit, the sage revered, says
    The slightest favour from the guru would reveal
    The secret unique
    The truth of BEING (68)

  • Amrit, the sage, lauds the lot
    Of the devotees of Guru, polite and humble,
    Who having given up the sense of prestige,
    False and insolence on account of knowledge,
    Power and station, caste and sub caste,
    Honour and grandeur, adore his feet (69)

  • No devotion without love,
    No yoga without love,
    No knowledge without love,
    And without love suffering cannot end. (70)

  • The love of the feet of Å RI GURU
    Destroys the imbroglio that the world is ;
    It reveals the truth of the self.
    Sankara exhorts to adore the GURU,
    Amrit, the sage, reiterates the same. (71)

  • Laudable are those who are soaked
    in devotion
    Free of fear from the world they are
    and rid of malice and attachment. (72)

  • Here is the simple formula of redemption :
    Way of fulfillment Say, through meditation,
    Or through yoga Or through austerity
    And that is :Adore the feet of the GURU,
    and Realise that the world is
    BRAHMA manifest in form. (73)

  • Yogis remain active in the path of spine,
    On the route from the lotus in the navel
    To the lotus in apex with cave of BRAHMA ;
    They deal with equity, speech polite and mercy at heart. (74)

  • The yogis do not agitate or hurt
    Anybody through their body or mind or speech ;
    Always cherish the desire to act
    Mercifully and with compassion ;
    This way loosens the knot of karman
    And liberates from the bondage (75)

  • A deviant of Guru
    Benefits all, through his deeds of forgiveness,
    Polite character,
    Truth, contentment and
    Contemplative behaviour. (76)

  • Avoid the company of the insolent and sinner,
    The cruel will undergo
    severe punishment
    Through torture of the mind and of soul (77)

  • Those who tread the path of wrath
    Fail to differantiate between right & wrong
    Amrit, the sage, cautions devout,
    And warn never to pursue
    The path of enragement. (78)

  • The materialistic covetous
    Is the meanest of mean ;
    Avoid association with him all life,
    Amrit warns that he will take you away
    From dedication to the service of Lord (79)

  • Fascination spell is the butcher of life,
    Avoid it by all means ;
    It causes the anguish in life
    The cycle of birth and death and birth thereafter. (80)

  • Amrit, the sage, advises the devout ;
    Speak the truth, deed of truth
    Conduct of truth,
    Shelter at the feet of the true teacher :
    The observance will demolish
    The sorrow and its edifice (81)

  • Amrit, the sage guides the devout
    On the path of liberation ;
    Love of the feet of a true teacher,
    Obeying his word in deed and speech
    Never to speak, which is not true.
    Such a soul would achieve liberation (82)

  • So long as the tongue of The disciple
    Does not avoid the craving for taste,
    His maddening craze for tasty food
    Will persist to keep him away from austerity. (83)

  • One should take the ’satvilc’ meal
    and sleep on the floor.
    These two modes would make
    The practice easy, without leaving a trace of doubt (84)

  • Meditate on your breath,
    Concentrate on the sight on your nose,
    You will meet your true self,
    The boundless reservoir
    Of infinite knowledge
    Thus promises Amrit, the revered sage (85)

  • Amrit announces to the beat of drums,
    With every breath, you exhale or inhale
    You waste the value of the three worlds. (86)

  • Amrit, the sage revered, says,
    The spirit of lust and dedication to Rama
    Can never co-exist.
    He enjoys happiness
    Who gives up the craze for money and more,
    And craving for a lust (87)

  • Concentrate the sight on the tip of the nose,
    Meditate on breath, you inhale or exhale,
    Amrit the sage, Promises to all,
    Then only will you get
    The knowledge unmixed (88)

  • Quantum of breath Granted by lord,
    Diminishes fast, moment by moment ;
    As the oil in burning lamp Exhausts to nil.
    ’Amrit’, the sage, warns the fellowmen
    The time is slipping out of hand
    The game will be over soon
    To leave you repenting (89)

  • For the beloved of the god
    All places are his temples,
    All days are auspicious
    For worshipping his Lord ;
    The place, he lives in,
    Is heaven for him. (90)

  • Why do you look for your dear
    In the world phenomenal
    Outside you ?
    Search for him behind the veil
    Within your heart.
    Amrit says all are mad
    Be they pandit or be they, sheikh (91)

  • The Lord dwells in the heart within
    How can you find in the world outside ?
    Amrit says the cream permeates
    Every molecule of the milk.
    One cannot find it out of milk (92)

  • Rama, the Lord, dwells in every being,
    As the fragrance is present in every cell
    Of the flower.
    Amrit, the sage revered, says
    One can meet Him when one
    Longs earnestly for Him
    And tries with his heart and mind
    To have His vision
    On seeing him in the vision
    One reaches the sphere
    Beyond dualism (93)

  • Whole life wasted drifting outside,
    Never peeped within your heart
    To have his look, present there.
    The last moment arrived
    To leave you crying, wailing in remorse
    Amrit, the sage revered, regrets the loss (94)

  • Drifted from person to person
    In futile exchange of empty words,
    But did not get the secret of truth ;
    The fear of death did not diminish
    The fatigue of roaming
    Also persisted.
    Amrit, the sage revered, says. (95)

  • Adores the Lord from outside ;
    Inside is full of perversive thoughts.
    How can one meet the creator, the true,
    Amrit, the sage revered, says,
    When one is false within ;
    Falsehood and truth can never go together (96)

  • As He dwells in every being
    How can one meet him
    In phenomenal world ?
    When one enters deep within
    Duality vanishes
    And one meets him within one’s heart. (97)

  • Witnessing the game of falsehood
    Day and night, waste the life ;
    Never realised the truth within.
    Peace is impossible without the truth. (98)

  • You ignored your self,
    Which was true and real ;
    Roamed here and there
    In search of that, you did not know.
    Meandering in labyrinth ,
    Fell in the well of darkness,
    Knowing not how to come out (99)

  • You affronted your own self ;
    Roamed the world, wide and large.
    Amrit wonders still you aspire
    For the bliss that consciousness offers (100)

  • The aspects of the self -
    Outer and inner -
    Integrate into one
    When one realises the true self.
    Duality ends, worry vanishes,
    And one becomes the king of kings. (101)

  • One in unison with the word divine
    In the course of surati, the state, meditation,
    One sees one’s true character.
    Amrits says then one sees
    The plays unique
    In the enjoyment of BLISS
    Unmixed and endless. (102)

  • Meditation stabilises,
    Doubt vanishes,
    The wordy dual ends,
    Amrit, the sage revered, says,
    The agony of the cycle -
    Birth and death and birth thereon
    Ends for ever. (103)

  • With mind engrossed in meditation ;
    The fort of illusion demolished for ever,
    Under the protection of the feet of guru,
    Duality of you and me evaporated.
    Says so Amrit, the revered sage. (104)

  • The tendencies of mind
    Absorbed in the apex,
    The lotus - thousand petals ;
    Lost the awareness of the body gross,
    The consciousness of the self
    Overwhelmed the awareness of others
    Amrit says
    The self enjoyed the merger with the SELF. (105)

  • The yogic meditation is the game of the two ;
    The outgoing tendencies,
    and indrawn tendencies ;
    Amrit says the
    The dice is fathomless
    Supreme consciousness ;
    Play only if you can stand the play. (106)

  • The meditating mind
    Reaches the palace, empty on the apex
    In the company of the fighters
    The mind drinks the nectar
    Becomes stable, resolute and devoted,
    Amrit says, thus it merges entirely. (107)

  • The meditating tendency
    Gained maturity
    With the guidance of the true teacher ;
    The illusion vanished, the doubt cleared,
    Amrit enjoyed the carefree state. (108)

  • Surati, the tendency of mind
    Wedded to the lover, the Supreme Being,
    Reached the palace of enjoyment
    Touched the nectar to her bosom
    And surrendered her whole soul
    At the feet of the Lord.
    Amrit the sage enjoyed the union
    Of the self with the SELF the great (109)

  • The mind attained the resolute status,
    The experience opened,
    The impurity of the mind dissolved, into nil ;
    A maiden of Atam nagar, the loving friend,
    met on the way
    Both together went on to live together (110)