The merit in the association with saints

  • Repeat the seed word for thousand years,
    Observe austerities for equal years,
    And move into association with the sages divine,
    for a single moment,
    Å¡an+kara discerns, the merit greater (1)

  • Austerity removes the sickness,
    Association with saint, duality,
    Service to the guru, the sorrow of life,
    sankara discerns, the sorrows of life (2)

  • Have faith and obey as a slave,
    Give up the hope of help from the world,
    Associate with saints ; do not waver
    Sankara says, detachment will emerge (3)

  • Associate yourself with the saints divine,
    You will be blessed with the knowledge supreme,
    sit in solitude, sankar counsels,
    meditate - contemplate on your self and feel fulfilled (4)

  • In association with saints,
    An insect becomes a bee with wings,
    A lump of iron, shining gold
    A rock becomes an image of beauty - the association great (5)

  • Dedicate your body, mind and speech,
    To the service of the saints,
    Sankara counsels - delink yourself
    With the world and achieve riddance of sickness (6)

  • In the hands of an oilman
    Sesaum becomes oil for use
    In the hands of a perfumer,
    It assumes a unique state (7)

  • The truth of attachment
    Or of detachment
    A fool, Sankara says, cannot envisage.
    In association with saints
    knowledge emerges
    Out of ignorance, never otherwise (8)

  • The vital breath, a pearl in the sea, that body is,
    The association with saints opens it up
    To glimmer with lustre
    Out of the darkness of past karma. (9)

  • Association with saints
    Crushes the sorrow ;
    Sankara declares,
    Life is wasted, if not with saints. (10)