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Goraksha Nathji

The sprititual descent of Goraksanath is recorded in several places. All of these paramparas agree in placing before him two teachers, Adinath and Matsyendranath His followers frequently refuse to give the time and place of his origin because they consider him as superhuman. Nevertheless, statements are made concerning his movements in this age. The Nepalese hold that he came to Kathmandu from the Punjab, or at least from beyond the borders of their Kingdom. And he is said to have lived near the temple of Pasupatinath in Kathmandu. He is also claimed as a saint of Oudh.


Baba Shri Amrit NathJi

The revered sage Shri Amrit Nath Ji incarnated in this country for the good of the people.During his infancy, childhood and adulthood he performed many extraordinary and divine deeds. At the age of 36 years he left home & became an ascetic.He committed himself to be a disciple of Shri Champanath Ji in the order of the Natha sect. After becoming a disciple he roamed in the states of Rajasthan, Haryana & Punjab for 26 years mostly alone.


Pir Shri Jyoti NathJi

Sri Jyoti Nathji was a saint of high calibre. He was an embodiment of saintly virtues. He was pure and transparent - mentally and morally. The town Fatehpur became dignified by the association with such a person. His being extra-ordinary becomes evident by the fact that the liberated soul Sri Amrit Nathji initiated him as his disciple.He was the best, the dearest and the blessed disciple of the Holy Sage. He bestowed his favour on him. He found him endowed with all the qualities which go to make a monk of high order.


Yogiraj Shri Subh NathJi

Honourable Pir, the Head of Monastery, Sri Subha Nathaji is a great yogi, pure mendicant and an accomplished soul. He is fair complexioned; he commands wide and deep influence; he bathes and swims in the lake of pure knowledge, he shines as a genius, commands great wealth and legacy of intellect, he has a heart and a faculty of discernment which never waver in the face of a trying situation; stable and noble character is his inheritance; his dealings with the people show a unique blending of the ancient with the modern; he is given to the endeavour of harmonising the extremes into oneness.


Kripa Sindhu Shri Hanuman NathJi

Shri Hanuman Nathji was a favourite disciple of Shri Subha Nathji Maharaja. After his demise he succeeded him and ascended the seat of the Head of the monastery. He was an honest, sincere, simple, benevolent, affectionate and sociable Sadhu. He was an embodiment of rare qualities and was always smiling. He occupied a unique position and enjoyed a reputation which none other in the sect enjoyed.


Baba Shri Narhari NathJi

At present Sri Narahari Nathji holds the office of the head of the asrama. He is in the fifth generation of the Divine Saint Shri Amrit Nathji Maharaja. This young Mahant is an epitome of spiritual brilliance. He is capable, virtuous, restrained, firm in conviction and committed to action in the saffron robe.