Every year many functions are held in the Ashram which devotees look forward to: -

1) Sharad Purnima:

On this day Baba Shri Amrit Nath Ji Maharaj took samadhi in the year 1916. This is celebrated every year five days after Dussehra with a lot of fan fare. Most of the disciples eagerly look forward to this function to relieve themselves of the hectic life they lead in the cities. People from all over the country gather at the ashram during this function.

The day starts with all the devotees offering puja to all the samadhis, apart from the normal arati which is conducted routinely at sunrise. After this the devotees offer their puja to the current Mahant Shri Nar Hari nath Ji. In the afternoon some programmes are usually conducted for the benefit of the disciples. After evening prasad, bhajans are sung for the whole night. At midnight an additional arati is performed at samadhi sthal, after which a special prasad of kheer & watermelon is distributed, which is relished by all & sundry. The next day is the day when all the collected sadhus are served with prasad before they are bid farewell.

2) Shivratri:

This day is also celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm like Sharad Purnima. The activities are similar to those of Sharad Purnima, except that there are additional Aratis at 12.00 noon, 9.00 pm & 2.30 am are more. Also the Prasad distributed is that of Bundiya & Bhujia.

3) Guru Purnima :

A lot of disciples descend on the ashram on this day to offer their pujas to the Samadhis and to the present Mahant Shri Nar Hari Nath Ji maharaj.

4) Janmashtami:

Apart from this day being Krishna Janmashtami, it is also the birthday of our guru ji Shri Nar Hari Nath Ji Maharaj. He is revered & worshipped by all the disciples as an incarnation of god. A lot of devotees go to the ashram on this day to offer their Puja to the Guru ji & to seek his blessings.

5) Diwali:

A lot of people collect themselves at the ashram on Diwali to celebrate it with the Guru Ji to seek his blessings. After conducting Laxmi Puja at night, they enjoy the evening with guru ji.

6) Other functions:

Prasad is distributed on the days when Shri Jyoti Noth Ji, Shri Shubha Nath Ji & Shri Hanuman Nath Ji attained nirvan. Apart from these, there are many other occasions when special prasad is made and distributed.

7) Calcutta Ashram 26th January:

The Calcutta ashram was born on this day in the year 1995. Mahant Shri Nar Hari Nath Ji Maharaj graces this occasion every year by being present in the Calcutta ashram on this day. Hundreds of devotees & Sadhus gather here to accept Prasad & to seek blessings of Guru Ji. On the previous day a programme of Bhajan is organized and Bhajans are sung by devotees.

8) Amrit Kunj Raniganj Ashram:

31st December & 1st January: In 1998 the Raniganj ashram came into existence on this day. To celebrate this occasion, Bhajans are sung & various programmes organized by devotees on 31st December till midnight. Special Prasad is distributed on 1st January & thousands of devotees make it a point to attend this function. Mahant Shri Nar Hari Nath Ji Maharaj graces this occasion by being present in the Raniganj ashram on this day every year.

9) Other Activities:

Apart from the various functions organized by the ashram,. Ashram is involved in a lot of other charitable activities:

  • 1) During years of drought, fodder is distributed freely by the ashram in many villages in and around Fatehpur.
  • 2) Water huts are run by the Ashram in various remote villages where there is no source of fresh drinking water.
  • 3) This serves as a home to a lot of saints who want to induge in self realization & yogic discoveries. The ashram not only provides serene environment but also all kinds of basic, mental & survival needs. The ashram regularly receives big hoards of Saints & Sadhus of the Nath Sampraday. The ashram takes care of the feeding & other basic amenities during their stay in the ashram.
  • 4) The devotees receive continuous moral & spiritual support from the guruji & receive guidance regarding conduct of their day to day life in a more contended way.
  • 5) The various Ashrams of the Nath Sampraday receive moral & financial support during their special events or in any other time of need.