Dhuna of Shri Nathji:

A sacred, continuous dhuna of smokeless fire is maintained at the place where The Holy sage Sri Amrta Nathji remained absorbed with the penances. This dhuna is situated in the eastern corner of the Verandha facing south in front of the sanctum dedicated to the Revered sage. The fire burns constantly in the Dhuna.

This sacred smokeless fire is kept covered with the grey ash as a legacy of the saint. The neat and clean look of the Dhuna is charming and worth noting.

The Dhuna is smokeless, the ash is sacred and pure. The entire sight signifies the dedicated commitment of the sadhus entrusted with the maintenance of the place. Yoga is said to be efficiency in action. This Dhuna testifies this outlook.

Faithful and trusting pilgrims and devotees after visiting the temples go round the Dhuna and bow their heads in reverence to the Dhuna which is a living symbol of the memory of the sage. Faithful devotees bow their heads to the Dhuna and apply a mark of the holy ash on their foreheads. They enjoy peace of the mind and contentment not to be experienced in the worldly matters.

There is a living circle of the spiritual consciousness in the environment around the Dhuna. Its unearthly powerfull impact reaches into deep layers of the minds of visitors and transforms them into an awareness devoid and free of worldly imbroglious. Who knows when the mark of the sacred ash on the forehead of the devotees transfer the lines on forehead into the fortunate coincidences? It certainly ushers a new beginning in the life of the devoted and faithful.