Shri Dilip Madhogoria

I met Anand and Anil Buchasia during my college days (year 1982) and we three got very close to each other in a very few days. They used to go to Fatehpur regularly. Seeing their firm belief and great respect towards Nathji Maharaj, I got inspired and my attraction towards Narharinathji Maharaj went on increasing. I have gone through a lot of ups and downs in life since then, and have found Guru Maharaj’s hand on my head in every moment of trouble. In every occasion of trouble I had the belief in my mind that Guru Maharaj’s blessings are with me and solutions automatically came up for great and grave problems. When I started thinking about my experiences for this memoir, countless numbers of sentences crept up in my mind. I am writing about a few of these incidents below. Once when I needed money for my business, I thought of selling the apartment in Kolkata, which was lying vacant for some time, and put that money in business. Guruji only had inspired us to buy that flat. When I asked him about my plan for selling it, he said, “if you take off your clothes, you can hide in your house. But where would you hide if you take your house off?” At that time we had a coconut oil factory in Durgapur which was running well, and we used to live there. I realized the meaning of what Guruji had said after a few years when the factory got destroyed by an accident and I had to come down to Kolkata with my family and put up in that flat. Every word that comes out of Friar Narharinathji’s mouth is like a stone curving. There are many such incidents whose meanings can only be understood at the right time.

Once we faced a major loss in business due to an accident, and he said amidst a discussion, “As dark the night is, so bright is the day.”  The way Guruji showed us the right way at that time and generated strength in us in every step is beyond all descriptions. We realized the meaning of what he said after 3-4 years when we got huge success in our new business. The progress our export business made in such little time is a hand on example of Guru Maharaj’s blessings. The situation we were in after the accident in our business, we could never imagine such a time would ever come in our life. This change that we experienced in that little span of time seems not just difficult, but impossible without the blessings of Guru Maharaj. In the year 2000, Guruji had arranged for a coronation of Lord Shiva in Fatehpur, where I and my wife Sunita had the fortune to participate. It was then that he put rings on our ears and showered us with his kindness. A few months after that, my wife realized that after wearing the ring, she had got rid of the mental tension and worry that she was suffering form for quite some time. Perhaps we do not even know how many problems our Guruji has solved for us and how much of our sufferings he has relinquished by putting the rings on our ears. Some people may have felt that this making devotees wear this ring was an awkward act on Guruji’s part. But the rings remain with us as constant marks of our Guruji’s blessings and it seems that they slowly strengthen our self-control and self-esteem. Guruji relieves his devotees of sorrows without telling people and gives us great blessings amidst general discussions, which we often realize after months or years.

Guruji does not only explain his philosophies in very simple ways, but makes his devotees use them in everyday life. The way Guruji rectifies his devotees’ ways of life and the manner in which he brings out the changes in them can only be felt and not written. Such an ascetic is rare in today’s world of superficiality. We devotees are fortunate to be under the auspices of such a true Guru.

Dileep Madhogaria