Shri Mayapati Khemka

At first our parents had only 3 daughters and no sons. Looking at the ways of the world, my grandmother wished to have a grandson who would carry the genes of our family forward. Finally Jyotinathji Maharaj showered his kindness on her and blessed her by saying, “Why do you cry, old lady? Soon there will be little grandsons of yours playing in your courtyard.” And after that, we 4 brothers were born one after another.

I too had 2 daughters at first and I prayed to Hanumannathji for a son. At that time Guruji was pretty sick and bed ridden after a surgery. Yet how great is my guru’s love and affection, in a semiconscious state of mind he uttered these words, “It would be great if Mayapati had a son”, as if he was asking it from the controller of destiny, even if it was not destined to happen.

Praveen was born after that on 23rd August, 1982 in Kolkata. A telegram was sent promptly to fatehpur, which reached after 3 days and was read out to Guruji. He was very happy and satisfied, as if he was waiting for this news only, and left the earth that very day. Such was the love of our guru.

Times come in almost all of our youths when we take wrong paths or get involved in wrong company. Whenever such occasions came, whenever my mind got attracted towards the dark sides of life, Guruji put an end to all of it. I felt clearly that he came and stood as a wall between me and those distractions in some form. I can’t forget my mother in this context, who was a saint herself, and had a big role to play in shaping our psyches.

Once Shri Amritnathji, whom we used to call Senior Maharaj, came in my dream and taught me a lesson. On a cold and dark winter night, he showed me from the terrace a dark shadow coming towards our direction. I said, “It looks like a ghost.” Then he gave me strength. I went near it and saw that it was a poor man wrapped up in a blanket walking down the lane. Then he explained, “What is visible, is actually not there, and what is actually there, you cannot see it. This is what illusion is.” I remember till date the way he explained this mystique philosophy of nature in one simple line. I’ve heard so many other proverbs, but none affected me like the way it did. I became fearless from then onwards, and whenever such a thing came up, I went as close to it as possible and found out the truth. I was never deceived again.

Situations cam in my life when I clashed with people and made enemies. But however strong my opponents have been, I have always dominated the situations. Once the owner of my old apartment at Nimtalla started pressurizing me in several ways in order to make me evacuate the apartment. He made rowdies threaten me, cops intimidate me, sue me at the court of law and even to the extent of complaining to the political leaders. But we had such blessings of our guru that he did not win anywhere. Finally he called a black magic practitioner who started casting spells all around the house. We resorted to our guru and our family was not harmed a bit. But his pretty and healthy wife died within 15 days of that.

Another such incident occurred when an enemy used black art on us, but in vain. It happened very recently in 2001. The locality in Behala, where we have our wood and ply showroom in Kolkata, is infamous for crime. Lalubarun, the most notorious gang leader of the area, called up and said, “Send 2 lac rupees within 7 days, or else…” The whole family started having tension about what to do. We called up Babaji and told him everything. As he said, we reported it to the police. We suffered from great psychological trauma for 4-5 days. On the sixth day the cops laid down a big raid, and after an encounter of several hours, brought down the gang along with its leader. On the seventh day, news came on the cover page of newspapers about the death of that notorious criminal. Then we regained peace of mind and realized the power of the gurus.

How many incidents do I write about? We can see their marvels almost everyday.

It happens several times that some tension comes up and I don’t know what to do. I call up Babaji, don’t tell him about it, but he somehow understands and a solution to the problem comes up automatically. I would rather say that he is  god living among us.

I often wonder, what would have happened to us if he was not there?

Mayapati Khemka