Shri Sharad Buchasia

I bow at the feet of Shri Guruji and wish every devotee glory for Shri Nathji. It seems to be very difficult to describe the blessings and marvels of Shri Nathji. Because ever since I have achieved by place at my Guru’s feet, every incident in my life has happened with his permission and blessing. It is a fortunate thing for me that I was born in a family which has got plenty of Shri Nathji’s blessings. The incident I am describing here is related directly to me. When I was around 8 to 10 years old, I had very high fever. My father Late Shri Matrumalji Buchasia had come home from one of our relatives’ place from the celebration of somebody’s childbirth at 12 in the night. My mother carried me in her arms as she went to open the door. Suddenly she felt that my body had gained a lot of weight, I lost my senses and fell down from her hands. Seeing me in that condition, every member of the family got tense and started crying. My father took me up in his arms and started crying in front of Shri Nathji’s shrine. He applied holy ash all around my body. Due to the endless blessings of Shri Nathji, I was alright by the time the doctor and other members of the family had assembles, and my fever went low too.

I got my son by the grace of Shri Guruji.

Shri Nathji Maharaj stays there with his devotees in every step of life and shows them the right path. It is our great fortune that we have got god alive.

Glory be to Shri Nathji Maharaj

Sharad Buchasia