Shrimati Devki Tibdevala

I know Nathji Maharaj since my childhood. Jyotinathji Maharaj brought my mother from our native place to Shitaldas coalmine. I remember everything since then. My second brother got sick with some disease. The doctors had given up. Shubhnathji Maharaj cured him up. After the birth of my eldest daughter, there was no hope of par within three months. But my elder son did it by the blessings of Dharinathji Maharaj. Then by his blessings we owned the apartment we now live in and a car. Someone had passed a comment that in spite of being Dharinathji’s disciple, she doesn’t have a house or a car. I told Babaji that someone has passed such a comment, and he gave us the flat and the car within one year of that. Dharinathji fell sick and could not come to the inauguration. Then when Narharinathji Maharaj came to Hyderabad, we did not have enough money to serve him well. But still we did what we could. Nathji was so satisfied that he replenished it within 15 days. That time all our brothers had separated out. Somebody had cast some spell on our shop, due to which customers did not turn up. They used to climb the stairs and get down. I asked a devotee of some goddess, who meditated and told me that there is some great holy man’s blessing on us. The doer is doing many things, but nothing is happening due to the blessing of the great holy man. Then I brought the man in front of our shrine at home, showed him a photo of Babaji and asked him who among them the great holy man was. Then he pointed at Shubhnathji and said that he was the one. Then when my younger daughter got engaged, I used to be worried about her marriage and used to be tense in my mind. Then I said in my mind that may Shyam Baba and Nathji Maharaj make this marriage happen. Then when I wrote a letter to Shankarnathji Maharaj in Churu, he replied that I need not worry. Nathji Maharaj will take care of everything. Then I went to Fatehpur with my elder son a day before the marriage and met Narharinathji. I did not know much about him and did not speak to him much. Still I gathered courage and told him that somebody had cast some spell on our shop. That person writes something with a coal on a stone, keeps it there and goes away everyday. Babaji said that there was a spell indeed, but told us not to worry. Nothing will happen due to the blessings of Nathji Maharaj. Then I told him about my younger daughter’s marriage and asked him why I felt uneasy about the marriage. Then Babaji consoled us and sent us back saying that Nathji Maharaj will take care of everything. One night, I dreamt that I was running and a man with an axe was running after me. I was yelling out Babaji’s name in fear, but I the fear choked my voice. I don’t remember who the sage in front of me was, but he signaled me to go to one side with his hand. I went that side and found that several sages were sitting in a circle. They gave me way and called me to the center. On the day of the marriage, my elder daughter got stuck up in the elevator due to a power cut. It was summer time. Phone came that the train by which my second brother-in-law was coming from Bombay had met with an accident, and his wife got hurt in her hand. My mother-in-law slipped and fell from the stairs. A suitcase with things in it went missing for some time. But things went well due to Babaji’s blessings. I had the pain of migraine in my head, which the doctors said had no cure. It too got cured due to the blessings of Narharinathji. What else do I write? Ever since I gained my conscious, Nathji Maharaj has always blessed me. I had a pain in my knee and a stinking blister, which too got cured by the blessing of Nathji.

Devki Tibrewala