Shrimati Kailashi Devi

What do I write? As I write, I get overwhelmed, and cannot write. I got several sights of him. I lost my senses. I used to close the classroom doors and ask the children to recite the name of Lord Raam. The principal called my sister and said, “Your sister doesn’t teach. She only tells the children to recite Lord Raam’s name. How will the children pass in the exam?” On hearing this, my sister took me to Fatehpur and complained to Babaji. There were many women sitting there. He said in front of all of them, “There are 34 crores of people in India. How could she out of them become insane?” then Nathji Maharaj explained things to me, and I was cured. He sent me to Sujangarh and told me to teach the children properly and not to quit my job, as no one else will earn my bread for me. He gave me a very good lesson, and my job got saved. Shri Hanumannathji too was a great saint. He served his gurus well and ran the house well too. He used to admire sages. His disciples respected him more than a guru.

Today Narharinathji is the chief. He has changed the look of the house and is going on making the improvements. He celebrated his Guruji’s commemorations in many ways. His body, as if, is the clothing of our Guru, Shri Jyotinathji. I wish him glory a hundred times.

Kailashi Devi