Sandeep Khemka(Chintu)

Glory to Shri Nathji

Due to the endless benevolence, mighty inspiration, and at the great behest of my reverend Gurudev, today I am going to pen down a few lines to offer at the venerable feet of Gurudev. These events have taken place in my life in the recent past.

Some time ago, a terrible fire broke out just behind our storehouse of timber. It seemed that our store would also get engulfed in the flames. Moreover it was night time.

However as it is said- the one whom God preserves, none can destroy. Thus our go-down remained unaffected and did not suffer even the slightest damage-and how could it? Our worshipful Shri Nathji Maharaj virtually stood there to protect and safeguard our timber reserves. Can there be greater benevolence than this?

Once I was home on a Sunday and was having a conversation with Nathji Maharaj over the phone. Suddenly he asked me,” Will you not go to the timber house today?”

I answered,” Babaji today is a Sunday and the market is closed.”

Then Nathji Maharaj remarked that I might sell some good merchandise that day. I was sure that there was some hidden meaning in these mysterious words that appeared to have been said lightly. Just then I received a call from the store saying that a customer had arrived and he wanted to order some wood. If this is not a miracle, what is it? Although our Gurudev lives so far away in Fatehpur, he takes care of his devotees at distant places- this proves his far-sightedness. Our Gurudev hungers for love, not wealth. Gurudev hastens to the side of whosoever remembers him. He is a divine being. Our Gurudev is most merciful, always concerned about the welfare of others, ready at all times to drive away the troubles of his devotees.

You can only hear words of righteousness from his mouth, which seem to be like the words of Lord Krishna to Arjun in the Geeta. To conclude, I can only say that any attempt to describe Gurudev would be like showing a lamp to the sun.

Glory to Shri Nathji!

Sandeep Khemka(Chintu)