Shri Suresh Saraugi

  Our life was like a barren desert but Babaji Maharaj changed it into a prosperous garden with his kindness and great vision. Raghunathpur is a really small village but whenever Babaji Maharaj comes here for a visit, it seems as if all of Raghunathpur has been blessed with good fortune. It is my humble request to Babaji -

“I clean the house and the yard every 5 minutes, waiting for you, our revered Bholenath to come and visit me. When will you come to rest in the hut of this poor man? Oh Lord Shiva! Please do answer my prayer.”

Here’s a small incident form one of his visits. 1/06/2005 had been set as the date for the house warming party for our home. Babaji came over to Raghunathpur from Raniganj on 31/05/2005. The moment Babaji Maharaj came to the hall to preside over the havan ceremony, the pandal caught fire because of an electric short-circuit. The flames began to spread around with pandal with great ferocity. But Babaji stayed right there staring upwards and within moments, the fire was extinguished. This incident was witnessed by Kolkata, Raniganj and all the devotees present there. It is my strong belief that this fire was not a normal fire as Babaji extinguished it with his kind and great vision alone.

Similarly, we have been blessed by the grace and splendor of Babaji Maharaj over a thousand times, which can’t be described in words. Whenever I feel lonely in life, I get this sense of his hand blessing me on my forehead. We all worship him in his entirety and hope that we have his blessings with us forever!

Suresh Saraugi