Shrimati Nirmala Maheshwari (Biyani)

Sri Nathji Maharaj is the one who has granted health and confidence in life to me. For someone who had not even heard Sri Gorakh Nathji’s name for the first 25 years of her life, I was truly blessed by Guru Maharaj’s kindness and great vision such that in the very first meeting, he awarded the Guru-mantra to me. By this act, he proved it to the T that to find your guru, rather your true guru, is the fruit of your good deeds of several previous lifetimes and not just one lifetime. Because in today’s culture, I have experienced that it has almost become like a trend to develop a guru-shishya relationship. But amongst them, only those people whom Nathji has blessed can understand the meaning of actually having had the privilege of finding their true guru.

In today’s era, Gurudev Sri Narhari Nathji Maharaj is like the philosopher’s stone. Such is his kindness, benevolence and great vision that it can even turn a mere pebble into gold. You can comprehend his power to instill faith in the hearts of people who belong to this era only after you get associated to him. He has put in immense effort to create the audio and videocassettes of devotional songs to develop the interest of one and all in the devotional songs of Nathji.

It is my humble request to Gurudev that he takes out a book that’s a collection of the hymns that we sing with their true meanings described too, just like the book for Amrit-vani. I get excited just by the thought of how much joy a book that describes the in-depth meaning of all the hymns will bring to people like us who have difficulty understanding them. I wish that Guruji would accept this heartfelt appeal by me. If I have done even a few good deeds in my life or if my love and devotion towards Sri Nathji Maharaj is pure, then Gurudev will surely bless me. If Guruji finds me worthy of his service, I will find the purpose of my life.

It is my strong belief that Nathji Maharaj will accept this request made by me. I also pray to Babaji Sri Narhari Nathji that he takes his health more seriously than his demanding work and takes care of himself. His good health is invaluable to all of us. May Sri Nathji Maharaj provide him good health! My best wishes to Sri Narhari Nathji Maharaj for a long and healthy life!

Nirmala Maheshwari (Biyani)