Shrimati Parmeshwari Bihani

First of all, I salute to Sri Nathji Maharaj with a full and pure heart. I cannot describe the generosity and kindness with which he has blessed me and my family. My Guru Maharaj’s extreme generosity can only be felt within the soul. He has taken the worthiness and glory of Sri Amritnath Ashram to the greatest height. It is not easy to describe his greatness. Before, I had only heard that a guru helps a student to fill the lack of sense in his/her life. But in my life, this has truly happened in every step of the way. Our family has had to face a lot of difficulties, but Nathji Maharaj helped us overcome each of these difficult situations.

My husband, Sri Ganesh Prasad Bihani, also had immense loyalty and devotion towards Nathji. When he passed away, I felt as if a jyoti had gone out from his body, to and rested at the feet of Baba Shri Amritnathji. The present head of the Ashram, Sri Narhari Nathji Maharaj is generous and of a merciful nature. I feel his blessings on us in every moment. Whenever there is something that makes me really fearful or anxious, he gives me hope through his words and makes me feel better. My only desire is that my entire family stays devoted to Nathji Maharaj for generations to come. And I hope my heart and my devotion always stays towards Nathji.

Parmeshwari Bihani