Siddhi Buchasia

The guru and God both stand before me,

To whom should I pay obeisance first, whose feet shall I touch?

Oh Guru I praise and bless thee first-it was you who gave me knowledge of Govind (God).

The above lines signify that if the Guru and God both appear before us then we should first bow before the ‘Guru’ as it is he who acquaints us with our creator God. However, Babaji is my ‘Guru’ as well as my God.

God gives us the fruits of our actions – good and bad, but Babaji always strives to help us in getting rid of our evil habits. Babaji does not desire any comforts or praise. He only wishes to show everyone the right path and to give a prosperous and happy life to everyone. There is no anger in Babaji’s rebukes- his reproaches only convey his love and his desire to correct the erring people. Babaji does not seek to compete with anyone; he is a true ‘karmayogi’ (one who works selflessly for the benefit of others) and he wants us to follow the same path.

My grandmother says that we can acquire anything we desire in this world except a true saint. We are fortunate that we have got a ‘Guru’ like Babaji. Through this article I do not wish to compare Babaji with anyone but I simply wish to say that for me Babaji is more than both --God and my parents. I only pray that Babaji’s benevolence and mercy should remain on us always.

Your dear and obedient daughter.
Siddhi Buchasia