Sri Krishna Kumar Goenka

The Guru is Brahma (The God of Creation)
The Guru is Vishnu (The God of Sustenance)
The Guru is Shiva (The God of Annihilation)

I pay tribute to such a Guru who is truly the Supreme God!

In our Hindu culture the Guru not only provides learning but also imparts spiritual knowledge. He teaches us the way to live a life of virtue in this world and to attain happiness and salvation after death. The Guru is capable of bringing even his misguided students to the right path. Without a teacher, a man remains incomplete and ignorant. In the ‘Puranas’ there is an account of how lord Narayana, in his benevolence, agreed to accept Narad Muni as his pupil and became his Guru.

Once during his wanderings, Naradji reached the earth early in the morning. He observed that all men and women there began to hide themselves. Naradji was perplexed and wondered why people wished to avoid him. When he asked them the reason then they said that since Naradji was without a Guru therefore they did not wish to meet him. Naradji immediately went to the abode of Lord Vishnu and began to pray to Lord Narayana. Lord Vishnu was pleased and told Naradji that he should return to the earth and the next morning he should take as his Guru the first person he would meet there. The first man whom Naradji met that day happened to be a fisherman who was going about his business. Naradji was greatly puzzled and wondered why the lord had played this trick on him. However when he went closer he saw Lord Narayana who was smiling gently. Then Naradji understood that he had gained Lord Narayana as his Guru.

Our entire family has been blessed by Guru Maharaj since the time of Shri Jyotinathji Maharaj. On one occasion my mother Ginni Bai was greatly inspired by Yogiraj Shri Shubh Nathji Maharaj. She kept gazing at Babaji and was deep in thought. Just then Babaji Maharaj began to explain to my mother the significance of the Guru. He then gave her the privilege of being his pupil and disciple. My mother was so overjoyed that she seemed to fly like a bird in the sky. Such was the great benevolence of Shri Yogiraj Shri Shubhnath Maharaj.

Today the present Guru occupying the exalted seat, the venerable Shri Narhari Nathji Maharaj showers his kindness upon us. His benevolence cannot be adequately expressed in words. On joyous occasions his august presence multiplies our happiness a thousand fold, and in times of sorrow he provides consolation so that our sadness is greatly reduced. Given below are some real-life incidents.

In April 1993 we were traveling with Babaji Maharaj. While climbing the Gignar hill, after merely 600-700 steps I began to get breathless. Babaji held my hand and after that I did not even realize when and how I climbed ten thousand stairs!

In May 2007 while journeying in Sikkim at the Nathula border our vehicles had reached their last stop. After that we had to climb several steps. We were shivering with cold and could not dare to go up but Babaji Maharaj took us with him and after that we hardly knew how we reached the peak!

In our family among us three brothers we have two sons Nitesh and Nitin and two daughters Nitu and Kirti (Cheru). Nitesh was only twenty-six years old in November 2007 when on the day of Deepawali the doctor diagnosed that he was suffering from a brain tumour. Therefore he advised without wasting any time he should be taken to Mumbai or Madras to be treated by some good surgeon. We consulted Babaji and he also advised us to go as soon as possible. We then left for Mumbai with the blessings of Babaji. By God’s grace a renowned surgeon took the case in hand. He adjusted his other appointments and admitted him at once. At

8 a.m. next day he took him to the operation theatre for surgery. Not only family members but also friends, acquaintances and all relatives were stunned and deeply anxious. Babaji repeatedly enquired about his condition in spite of being busy in some function. The surgeon, who had stipulated that the operation would last eight hours, was able to complete it successfully in merely six hours. God had really been very merciful!

Guru, grant me self-knowledge that I may know myself
Be with me always even in my time of death.
May my mind ever contemplate the venerable feet of the Guru!

Sri Krishna Kumar Goenka
BA-9, Salt Lake,

“Amrit” says that the whole truth is that the thoughts and desires that are with one at the time of death, it is these that determine one’s after-life.
The mind plays a strange game, as it changes form every moment,
“Amrit” says that the mind is the greatest god, the ruler of the world!