Entreaties in twenty four verses

  • Hail you the true guru,
    Protector of the persons bereft of protection,
    Destroyer of lust for sensuous pleasures !
    You mitigate the imbroglios, of worldly life
    And resolve the contradictions of the spiritual ways.(1)

  • Friend of the destitute, destroyer of evil,
    Merciful to the needy, auspicious for ones
    Deprived of wealth - worldly and spiritual
    You terminate the devilish trend.(2)

  • O true teacher !
    None can describe your greatness - ultimate and infinite ;
    Perfect, integrated, within and without,
    Symbols do not signify you ;
    Indomitable, firm and resolue
    You are not subjected to the cycle of birth and death ;
    Deep and infinite, you are above and beyond all concepts (3)

  • The great Guru !
    Your true self has no definite form ;
    Fearless, beyond attributes, you provide basis
    to those who are baseless.
    You are flawless, unblemished, above conceit,
    You are the epitome of the fundamentals of
    What truly is (4)

  • Master !
    You dwell in all the variants of life, motile and non-motile.
    You are fully aware of the truth of the sixteen, six and four.
    Sankara prostrates at your feet (5)

  • San+kara holds,
    ”My master is the ocean of compassion,
    And the creator, motivated with mercy.
    Still he remains unaffected or untouched
    Of the impact of this process and the action |(6)

  • My true teacher is beyond the qualifying attributes -
    Name, form and characteristics ;
    He is away from the impact, the process and action.
    He is perfect and total, beyond mind and speech
    And never subjected to the cause and effect relativity (7)

  • O True teacher, revered Amrit Nath ji,
    Me, the humble, Sankara, prostrate at your feet
    Entreat you, folded hands, in all humility,
    To rectify my errors (8)

  • Why did you not hear my entreaties,
    I have been crying for long ?
    Where has your attention been so for ?
    Now, please hear and save me.(9)

  • Master !
    You are magnanimous, I am destitute ;
    You are munificent, I am desolate ;
    Please, bestow upon me the blessing of devotion
    By placing your hand on my head (10)

  • Master! I writhe, you ameliorate ;
    I am your servant ; you my master ;
    I prostrate at your feet again and again ;
    Lift me up and hold my hand to lead me on (11)

  • Sam+kara entreats :
    you, my master, capable by all means
    I am the slave of your feet ;
    Master, you absolve me of the agony of life & death (12)

  • Master ! I writhe under my deadly sin
    You absolve me of it, you can.
    You are the ocean of magnanimity, Master !
    mitigate my suffering of life. (13)

  • Master ! you are capable by all means ;
    you can only know the inner feelings of all ;
    Sankara is grieving in life ;
    Lead him out of the embroilment, the living entails (14)

  • I am a desolate being, you are the master,
    I am a slave of yours, you, the master ;
    I prostrate at your feet and entreat you,
    Please, do lift me up and solace. ¼15½

  • Amrit natha ji, my grief is deadly ;
    I beseech you again and again for help ;
    Grant me deliverance from the embroilment of life ;
    Please lift me up and lead me on ;
    I count only on you.(16)

  • There is no companion like a true guru
    In the three worlds.
    Slightest favour on his part
    Reveals to you the truth of the worldly life (17)

  • I know nothing of the austerities,
    japa - repeating the seed word,
    tapa - the penances, and
    vrata - the fasting,
    Master !
    I am a sinner of utmost degree
    And you are the only hope
    I entreat you to rescue me from
    the mire of sin. (18)

  • Å¡am+kara is unaware of the yogic practice and sacrifices.
    Also he is unconcerned about restraints like sama and dama ;
    He does not know the ways of good conduct too.
    Only thing that he knows and depends on, is
    That he is the dust of the lotus feet of the guru
    And that he is his servant (19)

  • The wife, the son, the brother, the sister,
    mother, father, wealth and the state.
    All rally round you only for selfish ends.
    This is true and always true. (20)

  • The worldly life is full of egotism, treachery, crookedness,
    Lust for sex, maddening rage and arrogance.
    O master, crush them to nil and liberate me (21)

  • I am ignorant, amorous, crooked and amoral ;
    But, I am the dust of your lotus feet and rely only on you (22)

  • O guru, the magnanimous,
    Do away with my indulgence and greed ;
    Grant me riddance of the spirit of loss and gain,
    Bless me only with devotion.
    Thus entreats Sankara (23)

  • There are some whose wealth is their mansion ;
    some think their sons and wife are their wealth
    But Å ankara says his wealth is the name of Guruji (24)