The great forgiveness

  • Rigorous austerity goes with forgiveness ;
    It turns the knave into a saint ;
    It absolves the sins binding the soul ;
    Liberates it from the worldly imbroglios. (1)

  • Forgiveness makes the coward brave ;
    One who forgives has no enemy -
    So declare the persons with a resolute mind
    Forgiveness is virtue ; forgiveness bravery (2)

  • Lord is with him who forgives the wrong ;
    His spotless fame lives after his death.
    So sings sankara, the poet
    Who eulogises Him who forgives (3)

  • Forgiveness is the ensign of the brave,
    It is the shield of a man ;
    The forgiver enjoys happiness
    In all the three phases of time,
    The past, present and the future. (4)

  • World is the heaven, the garden of the Lord ;
    Forgiveness, the delicate flower, emanates the fragrance,
    The fragrance of purity,
    Destroys the odour - the odour
    Of meanness, of revenge
    From the garden of the Lord (5)

  • The great souls pardon the wrongs,
    Pardon is the soul of the sage ;
    The unique sentiments dwell in the heart,
    Of the person who forgives openly (6)

  • He enjoys no fame
    Who does not know to pardon the wrongs,
    Done to him by the knave ;
    The world eulogises him, who pardons generously
    The mean and the rogue (7)

  • pardon is the embellishment of a sage,
    Absolves all flaws of the human beings.
    A unique shield, the brave wear it
    To repell the onslaught, of the spiritual foes (8)

  • Pardon is divine, a potent amulet ,
    Always protects who wears it with faith.
    The mean, the rogue can never pierce it,
    It is divinely strong, Sankara declares. (9)

  • Pardon is the nature of the great
    The sages adore it, the people esteem it ;
    Sankara, the poet says - the Lord accepts
    When one pardons the rogue - the doer of the wrong (10)