The greatness of a yogi

  • A yogi does not know fear of any kind;
    He roams fearlessly The forest of life;
    Sorrow and pleasure Are meaningless to him;
    Firm and resolute is he In his mind that does not waver (1)

  • The loss and the gain trifle with a yogi in no case.
    Full control over his senses, of perception and of action -
    Gives him strength to overcome,
    falls that come in his way -Such is a yogi.(2)

  • Sorrow and pleasure, do not entangle him ;
    Affection and attachment, do not hold him
    The six enemies - like sex and greed
    he fights and crushes - victory to the yogi (3)

  • A yogi has full control
    Over his hunger, thirst and disease
    He goes to sleep only at will
    And acts only after deliberation within (4)

  • The yogi at will Assumes the form
    Minor or massive;
    Sankara says The king of the world
    appears or disappears at will anywhere (5)

  • His intents all come true ;
    Crave, for anything he does not.
    Holds as equal, high or low,
    Behaves evenly in all situations (6)

  • He can move with the speed of the mind,
    His power wins, never fails
    Indomitable as he is ;
    From his seat he scans the whole world (7)

  • Events of the present, past and future
    reveal themselves to his inner eye,
    Omniscient he, has all knowledge
    Finds within all natural features (8)

  • By nature polite - no iota of ego,
    Compassionate toward all living beings
    Celibate perfect, ejaculates no drop,
    Sentiment to preserve and to support, never to hurt (9)

  • The whole creation is his expression
    No duality - anywhere anyway,
    Sankara as sankara enjoys the oneness -
    The oneness of all (10)