The greatness of compassion

  • Compassion merges with the Lord,
    Absolves sins, Destroys sorrow;
    The person sees his own reflection all around (1)

  • Compassion increases virtue,
    Virtue increases knowledge;
    Knowledge visualises his true self;
    Grants the state of liberation || (2)

  • Sankara sings:
    Compassion bestows fame, Eradicates conceit.
    Grants the vision of self around,
    It is the mine of wealth of happiness (3)

  • Compassion knows enmity not,
    Life entity - moving or others -Only friends;
    Do not forget the merit, the mercy (4)

  • Mercy in the heart, The lord is kind.
    Happy in life, Feels fulfilled. (5)

  • Removes the blemishes;
    Makes it transparent,
    The character nobler. (6)

  • The sentiment of mercy
    Expresses in the heart ;
    He is delivered from the bondage -
    Of the life - birth and death. (7)

  • Be kind, first to yourself, then to others,
    Improve your conduct, then make all others happy (8)

  • Mercy, the expression of the Lord;
    Mercy, the seed of the cosmic being;
    By the grace of the Guru,
    Regain your self - the merciful self (9)

  • Mercy, the expression of truth,
    The source of virtue;
    Keep it in your heart
    Knowledge will dawn upon you.(10)